Pimicikamak is setting up its own communications system which include Internet, phone, Emergency Response (SMERC) & Television. In the early summer months of 2017 we submitted a proposal to ‘Connect to Innovate’ in which Canada will provide funding to Pimcomm to develop our network. ‘One Nation Networks’ helped develop the network plan & proposal.

We are currently waiting on Connect to Innovate to make an announcement of its selections for Manitoba. We estimated that the total cost of the First phase of the project to be approximately $2,416,538.86 Pimicikamak will be required to invest $727,163.63 .

The first phase of the project will be to Setup 2 microwave Backhaul towers. One will be connected to Manitoba Hydro’s fibre breakout on Bi-pole 3 at the closest point to Cross Lake. The 2nd tower will act as a microwave repeater,  which will be located between the fibre breakout and Cross lake.  3 towers will be located in Cross Lake for distribution to customers.

The second phase of the project will have fibre optics coming in from MH fibre breakout point to Cross Lake.

PimComm will enable Pimicikamak to manage & control the communication system rather than having an outside company control everything. Pimcomm will also enable Pimicikamak to create employment for future generations in a hi-tech world.

Pimcomm Health Services Contract

Pimcomm has an arrangement with CL Health Department to provide ICT Services for 1 year. Our services include pc troubleshooting, email support, internet & network troubleshooting and PC maintenance. This service contract enables Pimcomm to produce revenue in the early stages of development of Pimicikamak’s communications company.

Pimcomm Shaw Direct Training

In early November, Pimcomm Technicians (3 techs) went out for installation training of Shaw Satellite Dishes. In the near future we hope to roll out this service to Pimicikamak citizens as part of a package deal along with internet installation and phone services.


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