In the summer of 2017, Ininiwi Pimatisiwin program was launched and administered through the new Pimicikamak Administration Office. Through this program, Pimicikamak citizens are given some supplies and fuel based on number of people in the group, they will then go out into the land for a number of days to reconnect with Nature.

This is the second year that Pimicikamak is running this program, and it is considered extremely successful as the number of participants have increased since the first year. The program coordinators have also taken the first year’s dry run and improved on the process, making this year a more successful program. The spirit and intent of the program is to assist citizens who wish to pursue alternative healing methods for individuals, groups and families by reconnecting their spirits with mother earth. 

In the summer of 2017, Ininiwi Pimatisiwin (the program) was launched by Pimicikamak Okimawin and was administered through the new Pimicikamak Administration Office.  The program’s purpose was to supplement the traditional land activities of the people.  Families that would otherwise have difficulty exercising their rights to the land were assisted and a re-connection between land and people began. 

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A food and fuel subsidy (a subsidy is a benefit typically given to remove some type of burden that is considered to be in the best interest of the public, given to promote a social good or an economic policy) is provided to the citizens who are interested in using the program.  The national policy of Pimicikamak is to ‘heal the people, heal the land, heal the nation’.  The program was a good start in helping our people to rediscover the connection between themselves and the land.  In the near future the program will expand to cover all four seasons and will help to facilitate the teachings necessary for the next generations to be able to enjoy their land with the same confidence our elders do.

pimicikamak pimicikamak

Language is directly connected to the land.  Our survival lies solely on the retention of our language.  It is our last living identifier as Indigenous Cree speaking people. Being able to go back to the land will reawaken our true identity.