Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers and Other Documents

DateFromTitleSummary Status*
Oct 1998PA New RelationshipProposing a new relationship with the CrownA
Nov 2014PNotes on the Pimicikamak ConstitutionNotes by former counsel based on observation and information from eldersD
Dec 2015M/MHGrant FundingReasons for rejecting grant fundingD
Jan 2016PDiscussion PaperExplaining how existing funding is genocidal and unacceptableD
Aug 2016PNational TraumaExplaining why Manitoba Hydro is responsible for Pimicikamak national traumaD
Nov 2016PDiscussion Paper ProtocolProtocol for consulting Manitoba Hydro and making discussion papers publicA
Feb 2017PTreaty Medal Letter to CanadaExplaining why Pimicikamak is entitled to the medal not the bandS
May 2017PThe Transparency ProjectExplaining how the Pimicikamak government makes information open to its peopleD
Jun 2017PHow Grant Funding WorksExplaining grant funding from Manitoba HydroD
Aug 2017PThe Financial Management BoardExplaining the roles of the Board and of the Secretary to the BoardD
Nov 2017PA Sustainable Relationship with Manitoba HydroExploring consent as a basis for a sustainable relationshipD
Mar 2018PGrant Funding and the Problem of ConsiderationGrant Funding and the problem of getting something of value in returnD

*Status: A=adopted; D=draft; S=sent; discussion papers are usually shared in draft and may not ever be adopted.