Program 80: Treaty and Indian Days

Program Description

Pimicikamak is concerned with the project having interefered with their traditional recreational and cultural activities, and is now wanting to preserve their culture by encouraging increased participation of such activities by their Citizens. Pimicikamak is proposing a continuation of an annual community event which focuses on friendly competition in traditional activities, and is seeking financial support from Manitoba Hydro to undertake these events.

Manitoba Hydro is in support of encouraging such recreational and cultural activities by Pimicikamak Citizens, and has agreed to provide funding for this event as a mitigation measure to alleviate the adverse effects of the Project on Recreation and Culture and Pimicikamak has agreed to provide credit to Manitoba Hydro for obligations associated with recreation and culture.

Reinforce aboriginal and treaty rights to the citizens of Pimicikamak, and provide a safe venue for an event that offers alternative recreational and cultural activities.