Program 12C: 2016 Summer Student Work Experience

Program Description

There is a need to provide Pimicikamak students with work experience so as to cultivating a mindset of self-sufficiency, and also to provide an increased sense of involvement in the community. This program is consistent with partial fulfilment of Articles 12.4,12.5.7 and 18.4.

Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba, as a sign of good faith, will further strengthen a relationship with Pimicikamak in supporting a cleanup effort in the community of Cross Lake. This student-led initiative will maintain public spaces including gathering sites and recreation facilities to improve both funcitonality and aesthetic quality of the spaces in the community. The work will include preparation, on-site support and clean up for community events and provide short term employment for Pimicikamak students. Besides gaining valuable work experience, students will benefit from an increased stake in their community promoting a sense of identity and value to their contribution.