Manitoba Hydro Relationship Timeline

14 July, 1875

Treaty 5 1875

Treaty 5 signed, committing peaceful and honourable coexistence and sharing of the land.

1957 Manitoba Hydro begins Kelsey

Manitoba Hydro begins construction of Kelsey Dam, without the consent of Pimicikamak. The Dam continues to affect a large area of Pimicikamak territory.

01 June, 1957
September 11, 1972

1972 Manitoba Hydro begins Jenpeg

Manitoba Hydro begins construction of Jenpeg Dam. 20 Kilometres from Cross Lake the main community of Pimicikamak.

1975 Waters Rise in Pimicikamak

The wates start to rise behind Jenpeg in Pimicikamak Territory

September 11,1975
September 11, 1977


Pimicikamak & other Cree Nations sign the Northern Flood Agreement along with Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro & Canada, which is suppose to remediate & mitigate or compensate for the projects impacts, through a series of measures.


Pimicikamak WAKES UP

Pimicikamak Citizens block a Hydro convoy through their territory because the NFA is not being implemented much. Hydro, Manitoba & Canada agree to work cooperatively to implement that NFA. The blockade is taken down. Little actions follow to implement the NFA in a meaningful day.

February 14, 1998
October 13, 2002

Canada, Hydro & Manitoba agree to Action Plan

The Crown parties agree to an Action Plan for NFA Implementation. The plan is implemented for 15 months and there is a return on the crown parties to the past poor implementation.