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ProgramStatusAs of
Program 79: Demographics StudyApproved2015-01-18
Program 23: Safety Monitoring & Emergency ResponseApproved2015-01-18
Program 45: Special Events PatrolApproved2015-02-06
Program 78N: Pimicikamak Recreation, Health, Wellness & Cultural Study ReportsApproved2015-03-10
Program 51: Fuelwood ProgramApproved2015-03-18
Program 21: Navigation Protection PlanApproved2015-03-19
Program 38: Pimicikamak Awareness ProgramApproved2015-03-25
Program 45B: Spring Safety Monitoring (Extension)Approved2015-04-07
Program 11C: Softball Upgrades (Phase 1)Approved2015-07-08
Program 12B: Summer Student Work ExperienceApproved2015-07-27
Program 80: Treaty and Indian DaysApproved2015-07-27
Program 82: Boom Safety PatrolApproved2015-08-12
Program 84: Stop Log Retrieval Safety PatrolApproved2015-09-30
Program 85A: Youth ProgramApproved2016-02-26
Program 85B: Youth Work Training WorkshopApproved2016-02-26
Program 65: Restorative JusticeApproved2016-02-29
Program 81: Navigation Response ProgramApproved2016-03-04
Program 85C: Youth Intervention ProgramApproved2016-03-09
Program 91B: Pimicikamak Interim Recreational ProgramsApproved2016-03-15
Program 91A: Pimicikamak Interim Recreational FacilityApproved2016-03-16
Program 12C: 2016 Summer Student Work ExperienceApproved2016-07-12
Program 80B: 2016 Treaty And Indian DaysApproved2016-07-19
Program 56: Ininiwi PimatisiwinApproved2016-07-22
Program 08: Sipiwesk Impacts Management PlanApproved2016-07-26
Program 93: Pimicikamak Revenue StreamsApproved2016-09-02
Program 15: Recreational Program AnalysisApproved2016-09-02
Program 57B: Hot Lunch ProgramApproved2016-10-05
Program 94: Pimicikamak Comprehensive Plan (Pre-Planning Stage)Proposed (Pending)2016-11-02
Program 95: Interim Predetermined Compensation ModelApproved2016-11-21
Program 51B: 2017 New Firewood ProgramApproved2017-01-19
Program 87B: Trappers Festival 2017Approved2017-02-13
Program 96: Camp TransportationProposed (Pending)2017-02-22
15th Annual Family CampoutApproved2017-06-14
Cross Lake Graduation – Pow Wow 2017Approved2017-06-15
  • Administration
  • Domestic Fish & Food Program
  • Firewood Program
  • Hotlunch Program
  • Ininiwi Pimatisiwin
  • Navigation Response
  • Safety Monitoring Emergency Response
  • Wellness Programs